Heroes’ Bio Blurbs

On this community there are several heroes, some of them are partners, others work alone.  Here’s how each of them see themselves and the beats they serve.


Age: 23

Costume: Very white and gold Magical Girl.  Uses a staff with a cat deco theme for some attacks.

Powers: Feline Netjeru (Ancient Egyptian gods) based; usually solar in nature.

Personality: I see myself as a live and let live kind of person…or at least I did before obtaining the powers of the Collar of Bast-Mut.  Nowadays I’m much more active in my community as school and work allow, along with my hero work.  It’s a wonder that I get any sleep!  In battle, I’m usually more cautious than Edfu, but I can hold my own quite well.  I think his sarcasm has rubbed off on me, as I don’t see the world as black and white as I used to.  Otherwise, I find him pretty easy to get along with, kind of like a cousin or older brother I’d never had.


Age: Looks 35

Costume: Shemsu-Heru standard issue loincloth, sandals.

Powers: What powers?  I’m just strong in my normal form!  If you mean the Talons of Heru-wer, those have very sky-based spiritual magic to them.

Personality: While Senet-Ra likes to call me a “snarky hawk” to most that encounter us, I do see myself as not having a tolerance for BS.  It may come off as directness or gruffness in human society, but I myself am not a human.  I have an eye for talent, as I was (and still am) one of the Shemsu-Heru.  I just got stuck guarding the wearer of the Collar of Bast-Mut.  I see Senet is a lot more reckless than she realizes, stubborn, and a bit more flittering than a hummingbird at points when she likes something.  She’s not a bad human kid, just needs a little guidance to stay the course and learn what serving the Netjeru is all about.


Age: 25

Costume: Blue jeans and blue cheongsam top with gold eye of Ra on the back, black boots, cosplay cat ears and tail, ankh necklace, purple Eye of Ra on forehead, occasional black leather wristbands.

Powers: Telepathy, Empathy, limited telekinetics.  Equipment: Psydisk (while the psychonet catches some stuff, the bulletproofing Marcus has put on this thing has been a lifesaver many times over!)

Personality: If I’m not in a dangerous or annoying situation, I’m generally quite likeable.  I prefer to geek out when I have off time, but that doesn’t happen much most days.  A woman’s gotta eat, ya know.  When it comes to the hero work, well…let’s just say that a lot of it is crazy.  I need to keep my sanity for work, so typically the jokes come out when the shots start firing.  Speaking of work, please tip your pizza driver well, we make very little money on base wages, so it lies up to the customers to make that wage livable.  I happen to give repeat stiffers and insulters mild migraines because they’re taking money out of my anime–I mean food budget.  *ahem*

(More heroes to come!)

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