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Hey all.  It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here.  I apologize for falling off the blog bandwagon, but so much has happened since the last post that it’s hard to keep things straight.  Let me clue ya’ll into what has gone down.  There’s a lot, so please bear with me.

In chronological order, after mom passed and her funeral happened, we got her ashes back home.  One of her final wishes was that she be scattered off the coast of Key Largo, FL.  Unfortunately, my family isn’t of means, so it will take a massive amount of flawless saving to even get the chance to do so.  Next, my dad went and had a whole drama with another woman before the rest of the family was ready for it, and my brother and I (with support from my aunt and uncle) started to live on our own after they did not renew the lease he had with them.  He moved in with his woman, and though she was nice and all, I felt like we were shoving her into family drama with a catch-22 situation.

After that happened, what was left was a very messy house and wondering how we’d survive without my dad.  There was a lot of cleaning done (and still quite a bit to do in more detailed work) and the house looks a lot better than when I was growing up.  I started my final semester in the Fall of 2018, and with it, a completely new piece that was in a genre I was unfamiliar with.  Said piece was straining against the page limit I was given, and once class finished, I was going to give it the room it wanted to breathe.  This is my current project, and the mental scaffolding for the current bit of summary takes up several chapters worth of pulling into scene.  Tragedy struck us again in September, as Snickers, the youngest of the kitties, had to be put down due to liver failure.  Also, right after Thanksgiving, I received a phone call from dad’s woman and then dad the day after about something happening.  She kicked him out once he was stable and the family had to scramble to find him a place to live, because he can’t stay with us.  Later, the doctor suspected he had a mini-stroke during that episode, and he’s trying to pay on those medical bills.

I completed the semester and earned my bachelor’s in English, in which I had the family bring mom’s picture with us so, in a way, she could be there to see me walk.  I had to fight to keep my composure during the walk itself, but I did hear my family and friends cheering me on up on that stage.  As the first generation of my family, especially on my mom’s side, I think she’d be proud that I finished my bachelor’s.

Alas, the pride of graduation turned to panic about student loans and finding a job to pay them off with, and while I received many interviews, none of the companies I met with extended an offer.  I’m still working on the search, but at this point, the health things that have struck me recently take priority in my mind to interviews.  I’ve also been really stressed out with trying to keep the household up to par and Angie (my cat) has been dealing with health stuff of her own.  Looking forward, I have a procedure in the first part of May that I’m anxious about, as I haven’t been under general anesthesia in decades.  I do have a short-term editing gig starting soon, so hopefully that’ll help with some bills.

Now, what’s this mean for the blog?  Since I have a lot on my plate right now, it is mostly back burner until the current project is done or I finally get some mental scaffolding towards Binara and Ami’s story in a break from said project.  I’ve also been thinking about typing up the blog posts on a word doc beforehand so I can catch any spelling and grammar errors and give a bit of polish to it so it isn’t as rough.  I noticed several errors in Senet-Ra’s origin story after I pulled the text into a doc, and while I have corrected them there, I’d rather not have zero draft quality rolling out here.

So basically, please be patient with me as I figure out how to keep all the plates spinning without being too stressed out.