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I know it has been quite a while since I posted something on here, fiction or otherwise. As usual, school has used up my time for the most part. In doing so, it has also spurred me to write more on Lapis’ origin story, make a nice little side story for Marcus with how he played a part in Psycat’s origin, and in general start to flesh Ami out more so I won’t be as stuck as I have been on her part of the current story on the blog. It also has kept me quite sleep deprived with how much keeps on coming at me all at once.

I do have some news regarding school, though. If those readers that look at my news posts remember, I’ve been in my lead-up courses to my portfolio. I got it in and waited a few weeks to hear back. I got the email on Friday that I was accepted to the concentration! I’m ecstatic that I got in and it takes one worry off my mind about school.

The question I most often got from the people around me was what does this mean. When I heard my parents ask me this, I was caught off-guard. Now, though, not so much. For me it means that I can continue training to become an even better writer and finish my degree. What it means for Confessions is that I’m still in school and will post when I have the time, energy, and attention span to dedicate to it. I am also planning on heavily revising some of my pieces and trying to get them traditionally published. So, small yay. 🙂

Also, this new post creator of WordPress’ is an annoying thing and deliberately misses keystrokes repeatedly. D:<