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So as you all have seen, the blog has been on hiatus since around June.  This is because first work got busy, then school started up and made sleep on school nights an exception instead of a rule.  You all should know why this is a bad thing.  I rarely have a weekend anymore with all the work I’m doing.  Some of it is my creative writing work, and that’s not too bad, but literature and the amount of work put upon me has had me scrambling.

Suffice to say that Confessions has to be on hold until after finals.  If I get some work up here during the next few weeks, consider me either slacking on an assignment, needing a break, or I’ve found a rare spot of free time to get ya’ll some content.  My portfolio’s coming up in the spring, and I want to be super prepared for it.  I seriously hope that it impresses the review committee enough to let me into the program.

One of the good things to come out of my creative writing class so far this semester is that I was able to get the latter part of Psycat’s story workshopped.  I seriously needed the feedback and it will help me hone her story more before putting her out there for traditional publication.  Lapis’ story is coming along on its first draft too, when I’ve had time to work on it.  I even had the characters wrest a scene from my hands as I was writing it, which to me means that the emotions are seriously high and it has quite a bit of potential.

For now though, it’s an academic paper, workshop reading and letters for our poetry unit, and reading a novel a week until the end of the semester.  This doesn’t include the LARP and other gaming things I do, along with family stuff.  So, I hope to see ya’ll back here after finals and a week or two of rest for more of the Confessions crew’s stories.