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As those of you who keep an eye on our little community blog here should know, Binara and Ami are starting to contribute.  Ami’s told me that she’s a bit busy with work right now, so she’ll be writing on their posts when she gets the chance.  I respect you for that, sometimes I get assigned to evening shift at work too and it cuts into patrol times and any relaxation I get afterwards.  Ah, sometimes I miss marathoning my favorite long series anime…

Anyways, all this activity has seemed to draw another one of our community member’s attention (as she finally got back to me almost six months after I messaged her about this place), and she will be posting sometime soon.  Rai Kinsuke’s one really weird nekojin.  You heard me right, she’s a cat person.  Not the way that Senet-Ra is, but born that way.  Before I’d met her and Herald a few years ago, I thought most supers were science or magic based.  I almost got my hand shredded trying to pet her ears, but it was so worth it.  I hope you’re looking forward to her posting as much as I am.

I did ask about Herald’s story, but all I got from Rai is that she’s been busy with work.  It’s understandable, I’m sure we’ll hear from her once work lightens up.  Speaking of work, Lapis has been keeping Marcus and I busy recently with some sort of tech analysis for a case she’s working on.  Something about a techie villain calling card written into a ritual item of some sort.

My injury that I got from work is almost completely healed now (thank the gods).  It’s kind of embarrassing really how it happened.  Basically, I threw out my back while on my way back to the car from delivering an order because I slipped on a wet sponge on the guy’s tile porch.  It’s damn good that worker’s comp picked it up or else I wouldn’t be able to afford the meds and diagnostics they had to do.  I’ve been off work for a couple of weeks and Marcus wouldn’t let me go out on patrol for most of it.  I’m eager to get back to work and not let the jerks of the city have the run of the place, either.  Thankfully one of the cross-town heroes has been generous enough to pick up my slack until I am able to get back on my feet.  Heck, I might go see who’s at Comicpalooza this year before I have to return to work.

I know it’s belated, but I hope that all of our readers found time to honor the fallen for Memorial Day.  I treat it as a day for the ancestors.  There are also several of our superhero brethren who have fallen in the line of duty and they deserve that moment of silence as well.  Go West, and be judged in right Razorwhip, Neutronia, Velvet Gem, and Ectarr.  The world was better for you, and will mourn your absence.  And for those who wish to pick up this mantle, think long and hard about it.  It is not a game, but a calling.  Make sure you have your affairs in order should something go awry, and until we have the SRA straightened out, I’ll advise against registering.  Save yourself from the pain that Velvet Gem went through when Lodestone found her on the database, tortured and killed her and her husband.  It still happens, even to those starting out.