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Greetings, dear children of Netjer.  I am Binara, observer of your world and corrector of transgressions towards ma’at on a universal and multiversial scale.  I have been contacted by an acquaintance through the near Unseen plane in order to tell my specific story to this world.  While I don’t understand why a human would want to know my origins, they are valuable in keeping the local balance in order, so cooperating is in our best interest.

Yes, I said “our”.  I have a human I work with in this plane that knows the oddities of human culture better than I do.  I tend to let her do the translation and working of technology for me so I don’t “short anything out”, as she likes to say.  While my story does include her, it starts well before this star system fully settled, so I will get to her involvement in time.  For now, however, let me summarize my existence up until my current assignment here.

I was created much around the time that this star was forming and the atoms for air and water were coalescing in the area.  The gods that created me aren’t the ones I serve currently, so I only see them as respectful elders, not ones to be obeyed.  Things weren’t as interesting as many of the scientific community here would like to believe, so I will gloss over most of my early history of helping the worlds become what they are.  I am what most humans would call a sylph by creation, and I serve along with two others who are more aligned with fire and light.  I do have a younger sibling, but she does not travel the worlds like I do.  Instead I believe she is only able to exist within a certain world, which is not this one and I will not divulge which one, lest they find out how us faerie reproduce.

I’ve been on many a balancing trip, but what tied me to Shu and Nit was managing the creation of an inland sea, upon which they learned my true name.  To all beings, even a human, the learning of the ren by someone other than their creators and themselves can bind you to their command.  In all my millennia of service to these Netjeru, they have been nothing but kind and have only but once had to use it.  In their service, I have blossomed.

It was on one of these balancing missions that I met my partner Ami.  I had been charged with coming to this world and investigating the cause of a disturbance that was blocking the ley lines of the earth on the eastern seaboard of the North American continent by Nit, and while peaceful resolution is preferable, force was authorized if necessary.  Within a earth day I was prepared to make the jump, and when I sealed the gate I had stepped through I was in what Ami calls Charlotte, North Carolina.  It had been many centuries since I’d been to this world, instead working off towards a different cluster of dimensions and star systems, so I didn’t know that the human population had exploded here.

I was quite fascinated by all the ways that civilization had been built up that I had lost my way in my wandering.  I tried to reach out to those humans on the street, but even those I stood in front of ignored me and several walked through me.  It was such a rude gesture, ignoring me, that I ended up even more lost in the near Unseen of the city and near a coliseum many times that of the Roman one I was familiar with.  I could hear the cheers of many people from inside the building, and saw how much collective energy it had from the position I was in.  The nearby minor ley line danced in its pulsing to the time of the music that played, seemingly happy that the humans were there.

I was curious as to what festivities were going on, so I took wing and circled over the open air of the arena.  The protrusions on top of the structure looked stable enough, so I landed upon one to get a better view and not use my wings so much.  I had been much more used to traveling the in-between at the time, so I was still getting used to being back in atmosphere.  There were these humans playing a game on grass unlike any game I’d seen before in this world, carrying around a ball of some sort.  When the runner got to the edge of the field, the crowd roared with delight, and the music played again.  The language that was over the loudspeaker wasn’t one I was familiar with, but the emotions of the crowd were as timeless as the human race.  I could feel the energy pouring off them, and since I was getting a little winded from the journey, took a little from the burst of the cheer for myself.

I was feeling a bit more refreshed when the wind changed and a shadow came over the arena.  Looking up, I saw a balloon of some sort flying extremely low, but not many of the humans looked up.  It wasn’t until the balloon started firing laser shots at the field that they took notice.  I could sense an imbalanced air from that balloon as the screen on the side spouted the language and then the fear level rose.  The figure on the screen held up a device waveringly and then the screams started.  I could sense the imbalance growing as the people tried to run but froze as the man said something.  However, the imbalance was smaller than my action threshold, so I continued to observe the scene as the man on the screen laughed.

It was then I felt a change coming from the north.  It was far, but it would arrive in a few minutes.  It was of an equal caliber of the imbalanced man, but on the side of ma’at.  I sighed, told the air in the area to switch to a slight wind that would give him a tailwind, and waited for it to translate to the Seen world.  While I wouldn’t involve myself directly in this imbalance correction, I could at least support the one who would in some way.

It did seem to help, as the wind kicked up a few seconds after the command and sped the balancing presence up a bit, arriving a minute earlier than he would have.  They had some words, this flying human and the blimp screen man before the white and blue outfitted man charged the blimp and drew from it the man who was on the screen moments before.  Their fight started a chain reaction of innocents fleeing in terror, the sides of the arena being damaged, and general mayhem.  It wasn’t until most of the place was cleared when the imbalanced tech man dropped the device that the explosions started happening.  With that, I could see the evil radiate off of him as he laughed.  The strongman punched him into the protrusion I was standing on then, making it wobble.  The tech man then in turn grappled it, ripping it loose from the stadium and threw it at the strongman, to which he mostly dodged.

This left me without a perch and a bit disillusioned about how sturdy it was.  I drew up in altitude to see the ley line quivering, shrinking, as if in fear.  If the fight were to go on long enough, it could lose power entirely.  Then I noticed it.  The now unattended balloon made its way towards the arena’s sign, and the way it hit pushed it towards the outside of the arena.  The balloon kept going, and broke the bonds the sign had on the arena, sending it freefalling towards the innocents still trying to clear the place.

With the effect on the ley line, combined with the sign, there was no time to call from the unseen.  I slipstream manifested under the path of the sign’s fall and even with the binding that manifestation gives me, called the tornado that is my kin and stopped the sign’s fall feet from the tallest mortal head.  I pushed the sign back into the arena, gently setting it upon the now empty seats and then settled the wind in the area.  I looked around to the humans, now staring in shock at me, including one that had tripped and was sitting upon the pavement.

“A’ho la sigh laugh?” I called.  “Shimasha?”  Their stares didn’t beg comprehension.  I sighed.  “Seneb?  Farshouta?  Minna-san, daijoubu ka? Ah, fre’katoum…”  I was frustrated by their lack of understanding of the languages I know.  Walking over to the woman on the pavement, I offered my hand.  She reluctantly took it and I helped her up.  She said something and then the air that was around me understood.  It poured the knowledge of the language into my being, like it had many times before.

Releasing her hand I called again.  “Is anyone hurt?  I don’t want injured humans on my watch.”  I looked around, and they were in shock again, but this time understood.  Most shook their heads, which I discerned by their body language was a negative.  A few said yes.  “Those of you who aren’t injured and can bear the weight, help those that are to the nearest healer!  The fight’s still going on in there and I intend to stop it.”

They stared at me some again before the woman I helped up seemed to ascertain what I was saying.  “Alright people, get those that have wounds out of here!  Someone’s bound to have called 911 by now since Manifesto attacked, so there should be ambulances on the way.  Let’s not let anyone else get hurt by staying here!”

I smiled slightly and nodded, then took to the air to put an end to the fight.  When I got close, I drew a pocket of air into a super concentrated ball, then sent the blast out, separating the warring humans.

“Enough!” I yelled.  “Your fight is not only damaging the arena here, but is weakening the ley line near here and almost killed many of Netjer’s children!  If you intend to fight more, I will be forced to step in.”  I could feel my shining heart forehead mark blazing with my determination.

“Screw off you mystic freak!”  The tech man said.  “I came to defeat Captain Crusader once and for all, and I won’t have you messing it up!”  He fired a laser at me, barely missing my wingtip.

I sighed.  “You leave me no choice then, imbalancer.  Let it be known that you are interfering with my mission here.”  I pulled the Ice Stars from my belt pouch while the strongman looked at me in wonder.

“Hah, you think those little toys will defeat me, the great Manifesto?”

“They have defeated galactic terrors that would make even the bravest among you go catatonic with fear.”  I charged him, getting within range to throw.

That’s when the strongman decided to bull rush him into the seats.  Manifesto wasn’t down for long, and fired a beam at Crusader, hitting him in the shoulder.  Once he was back in the air, he gave an evil laugh.  I got within range again and threw, nicking his leg.

“So much for your weapon, woman!”

“Oh, really now, imbalancer?  Sluka’augh, Icitaan kutani!” The star I threw came arcing back, nicking his left arm before I caught it.  I looked to Crusader.  “Don’t touch him yet.  There’s a reason these stars are shaped the way they are.”  Crusader nodded and I took a deep breath.  “Ashimia’ata sigurun mietra codai!  Icitaan, tivere!  Ice Stars, work your magic!”  I snapped my fingers at the activation, and the cuts that Manifesto had from the stars flash froze, growing their crystals until he was frozen solid and fell upon the seats again, busting the ice open and wounding him a great deal.

Crusader went to check on him as I replaced the stars in my pouch.  “He shouldn’t be dead,” I said and landed close.  “I cannot kill unless authorized by my Netjeru.”

“He still has a heartbeat,” Crusader said.  “I’ll get him to the SRA branch for treatment and trial.  Now, who are you?’

“Just the corrector of multiversial balances,” I said, then flew off to check and see if the innocents were being cared for.  What I did find were multiple vehicles with flashing lights and that one woman I’d helped up still standing there.  I landed close to her and asked “Why didn’t you run?”

“Because I never got your name.  I’m Ami, Ami Storm.” She extended her hand.

“I am called Binara,” I said and shook her hand.  “Now if you excuse me…”  I slipped back into the near Unseen to check on the ley line and replenish my energy used by manifesting.

“Wait, I have some questions!” She called as I started to walk towards a better position to see the line, which was starting to recover.  “Are those wings grafted or mechanical?  How could you make that whirlwind?”

“You can see me still?”

“What do you mean, of course I can see you.”

I smiled slightly.  “Finally, someone who can see the near Unseen.  Ami, my wings are the ones I was created with, and I’m a sylph, master of the air.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I think your people call mine faerie, and what I did was magic.”

She looked shocked for a moment, then fainted.