As those of you who follow this blog have probably seen by now, Senet-Ra and Edfu’s origin story is completed.  I hope that the darker tone that some of the chapters have taken didn’t put ya’ll off of the rest of the story.  I was trying to keep the story relevant to today’s world, and the “aha!” moment of where I wanted to go with it came from watching a news report a few years back here in my hometown about a bust for prostitution at a massage parlor, plus an article about human trafficking being a thing.  This has a bigger impact to me than most might think, and I believe now that the story is done that I should explain myself a bit on why it is such.

I’m going to get a bit personal with this, so bear with me on this insight into my life.  When I was a little girl, I was raped by ex-stepgrandfather around the age of 8.  My memory is fuzzy about the incident right now, as I don’t like dwelling on it, but clear enough that I did go through the process of trying to bring him to trial (this was his fourth case).  The DA dropped the ball on trial and he pled right to speedy trial.  From what the records of the sex offender registry show, he got his butt thrown back in jail in 2013 and I don’t really have the funds to search what for.  The asshole probably couldn’t keep it in his pants again.

Anyways, this bit of my history relates to my reaction to the prostitution and human trafficking because while not the exact same to what I survived, I can relate.  It challenges and gives me muse to bring a voice to this problem that we so often ignore.  It is this close to home event that burned me so much that even though my voice is small, it needs to be heard, as does those who are victims of such violence and captivity.  As I wrote in the “Catgirl Made Magical” chapter (and paraphrase here), I can’t stand by knowing this happens and do nothing.  I hope you as my readers don’t either.  Please bring your voices, yourselves, and what you can put forth towards rectifying this problem.  You may not see it as much, but to the victims and survivors of these types of crimes, it makes all the difference to see they have support.  There are several websites that have information on how you can help (www.humantrafficking.org was one I found on a quick search), so it may only take you a few minutes out of your day.  Of course, there are deeper roots to this problem than what I’ve mentioned, but I’m not going to go into it at this point in time.

Going forward and back on the topic of the supers that have posts here, I will be starting a new origin story soon that will be updated as I have time and attention for.  School starts back up on the 19th  this month, so I will need to focus on that.  This time around, I’m going a bit into more original territory as far as characters are concerned and having a bit more banter going on.  The reason why is that while these characters are all mine, all of them have been made and are getting adapted from roleplaying games I’ve done in the past.  That changes with this next story.  I’ve got a completely native character concept for this world lined up, and I think you’ll like her.  I wonder if you can guess who it is. 😉  I’m not going to give the story away, but I hope you think of it as an otherworldly experience.