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Today was an interesting day.  I had a few customers at work that were more out there than most, and we had a Rabbit-guy come in for a carryout pizza.  While patrol was mostly quiet, I did have a few break-ins to deal with and one–make that two robberies of storefronts.  That last one had a telekinetic on it.  Called herself Willbender, of all things.  I’m sorry if I’m not as wordy as I am normally, I’m still working off that bonk to the side of the head by a iPad she slung at me.

Anyways, when I got to the store, she was dressed like a Final Fantasy character and was just floating merchandise out of the front door and into an awaiting car like it was nothing.  Of course I had to stop her, it wasn’t like this was a megastore or that Bast would let me slide if I didn’t.  I did tell her to desist, and when she opened up her mouth, she sounded like a bratty teenager that I detested in high school.  She also had a major chuunbiyo complex–that is similar to an overinflated ego, for those who don’t know Japanese culture or anime–and tried to get me to join her.  I looked at her like the nutcase she was and that’s when the extraneous objects started flying.

I think she was surprised that I was able to send most of them back at her, save that lighting pole that I had to dodge and landed somewhere on the eastbound lanes of Westheimer.  She was enraged by a psyche bolt hitting home and started tossing her stolen loot and a car at me.  A freaking car!  I was too busy dodging that to block some of the little stuff, and when I cracked a ex-boyfriend leaving her joke, that’s when the iPad hit.  You know, those things hit like a truck when propelled by pissed-off teenage telekinetic psychopath’s powers.  I fell off the Psydisk because of it, and she started gloating because I landed on my face.

She crossed the line though when she started insulting my weight as I was smarting from the fall.  I got up really quickly once she got to a fashion sense comment and called the disk down to get back up.  I’m pretty sure I had anger blazing in my eyes, because she took it as being wounded and kept on going, along with tossing a phone or two at me.  By the time she got to the no boyfriend comments, I had had enough and had a Psyche Blast the size of a volleyball floating above my hand.  It struck true and knocked her out, and a good portion of the parking lot she was standing on.  I don’t remember much after that besides activating the auto altitude button for the Psydisk on my cuffs and passing out for about three hours.

What woke me up was Marcus yelling in my ear that the SRA guys were coming and that was enough to get my butt up and have the disk hobble me over to Memorial City mall.  Here I sit, for the moment anyways.  You know, while I’ve had flawless victories and some scary near death experiences, that was the first super that I’d encountered that had insulted me enough to get a blast out of me through words alone.  I guess I don’t have as thick a skin as I thought I did to the insults through the years of doing hero work.

On a different note, I love that Memorial City Mall’s Wi-Fi reaches this high up.  It means I don’t have to use my data while I type this!  Oh yeah, I discovered the WordPress app and installed it on my phone, so I can post on my downtimes between patrol calls.  I guess it makes up a bit for our community being a bit silent recently, and my general laziness of my off days.

What the…?  What’s that guy doing, peeking into cars?  Looks like another patrol moment.  Anyways, before I head off to keep an eye on him,  I hope ya’ll have a good one, and lurkers, feel free to comment.

Happy Holidays!