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Well, it’s that day of remembrance again.  I can still see the towers falling in my mind’s eye as my English class watched in horror.  This was well before I had received my psychic powers from Bast, and I was just a normal bookworm then.  We all thought it was going to be instrumented by some supervillain, but the true terror of it all, looking back was that it showed what real evil acts can be accomplished by those without powers.  It also, in the case of flight 93 and the first responders, showed what heroism can be found within the hearts of humanity.

It is to them that I don’t forget that time, and encourage the people who read our heroic stories to help out their community.  You don’t need to don the proverbial cape like we do, but at least volunteer somewhere once in a while.  I always like to give props to the volunteers that I have deliveries to when I get those at my day  job.  Usually this consists of the warm fuzzies recently, but I have been known to give free pizza coupons too.  What?  I’m not all cynicism and migraines on the job.

I’m sure I’ll be feeling this more tonight, but a decent portion of the city on this rainy day has been pinging somber since this morning.  I even spotted one of the city’s villains placing a vase of lilies at the memorial down at the University of Houston after the official ceremony had concluded.  Turns out that he had a uncle and a few friends die in the twin towers’ collapse.  Guess that is why he decided a temporary truce was a better idea than to straight out throw fireballs at me.  It is a relief that talking about an event that tragic can bring a level of humanity back to the almost dichotomy that we normally experience in our hero work.  As for what I was doing patrolling over there, I was meeting with the Seabrook area hero about the recent cross towns and it was about the halfway mark.  Also thought that some voice offerings were in order for the ancestors.  Bast knows I haven’t done much but clean my home shrine recently.

Anyways, don’t forget where we’ve been as we keep moving forward, lest the bickering never cease.  Now, back to your regularly scheduled overwhelming feels train and some comedy to keep my sanity thrown about the place.