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I know I’ve not written here in such a long time…you can blame school for that. Even though it’s spring break for my school, I still have homework for class due on Monday. *sigh* So much for a real break. On the upside, I’ve gotten all my paperwork for studying abroad in Japan over the summer finished and will be having some relief on that front until the results for my applications come in.

I’ve also become embroiled in a really good mmo, Final Fantasy 14: a realm reborn. I’m on the Brynhildr server as Siwari Perbasti, send me a tell saying you’re a follower of the blog before you add me to your friendslist, please. I don’t want to have a whole bunch of people I don’t know friend me without know who they are first.

As for blog story stuff, since I’m about to get into a huge research paper project that’s my final for Ren Drama, I don’t expect to be writing much upon it, save the occasional mini-stories that Psycat’s posts are. I’ve also had another idea hit me that’s looking more novel length and a lot darker than these guys are. So many ideas, so little time and attention span for them all! Just please be patient with me and my academic calendar. Who knows, ya’ll might get a treat from Japan. 🙂