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Hello new community, my name is Psycat. I’m the co-admin of this page (the other’s a friend of mine, who emailed you all with the invitation to join here), and I’m glad ya’ll decided to accept. It’s a long-held project of mine to have all of us together, with the ability to chat real-time and not be über flooded with both death threats and fan comments that would occur on Facebook or the like.

First, let’s set a few ground rules. I’ve already set up categories for us to post our personal journal entries in, please use them so we can keep the page organized. If we’ve got something we want to share with the rest of the community, be it a funny cat picture, an alert for criminals on the move to other cities, or just a chat log, mark it in the mashup category. While comments are enabled for our public to poke at our entries, you do not have to answer them if you don’t want to. I did set up an email address if they want to send us questions (though I don’t think we’ll get much, as most of us are not national supers, though I know I’ve gotten on the national news a couple of times–once with Lapis and once on my own in a blurb), but again, you do not have to answer them if they make you uncomfy.

Also, you don’t have to post your origin story if you don’t want to, but it’s nice to know where you’ve come from. Just leave out your last names (or any name other than your call name if you want) so that anyone with ill intentions (or really has a hard-on for ya) won’t be able to find you. Don’t worry about this being a WordPress account thing, the other admin’s got that covered. Also, we’re all adults here, so no flame wars with each other or the fans. In all, use common sense.

With that bit of business out of the way, let me tell ya’ll about my day. I was working opening shift at my normal job (if delivering pizzas is considered normal), when the co-admin gave me a call. Said he had a robbery in progress on the scanner that was on my way back to the store. Now, I have a rule about doing hero work while on runs which I seldom violate: No costume, no disk, no go. I’m not the type to keep my paycheck waiting or fluttering in the wind when it comes to hero work, so if it can’t be solved with a migraine from the street, then I’m out. I’ve still got massive bills to pay from the last time I tried to go to college, so losing a job in this market’s gonna put me on the streets.

What made me go against it was the report of a super soloing it. There was no way that Mom would let me out of this one if I didn’t take it. I ended up showing up there and having to fight in my work uniform (which is embarrassing) and without the Psydisk. This is big because I’ve hidden behind it several times while I’ve peppered with everything from gunfire to a grenade of the rocket-propelled variety. To say that I can’t take a punch well normally is a little bit of an understatement. Anyways, I get there and find out it’s a tentacle-bearing super from north side’s beat. Sigh, why do I get all the cross-town villians? The only thing redeeming about the fight is that I was cracking tentacle porn and sushi jokes the entire fight to steady my nerves. This apparently threw him (I think it was a him) off enough that a psyche bolt hit him into the counter’s corner as he flailed about my latest crack about compensation and knocked his butt out. Naturally the SRA guys got there along with the police, but I was back in the car by then. Also, who in the hell orders calamari on their pizza? I had a call-in order wanting that and yelled at me in some language I didn’t understand before hanging up.

The most weird thing that happened that day was, however, a transvestite flasher I had to turn into HPD. There that sicko was, just walking about in a frilly pink dress in Hershey Park when whenever he saw a pretty woman, he’d wriggle the skirt up and wiggle his dong at her for all to see, then start to dash off. I caught him before he could do it to a mom and her kid walking back to their car, but the things he said as the tow cable dangled him below the psydisk just weirded me out. There was something about “Jesus wants me share my dick with the world” and “aliens can see my manhood from space”. Once I dropped him off with the report, he got a very big migraine. Weird f’ing pervert. It makes me wonder where in the hell these guys get this stuff from.

In other news, have ya’ll seen that the SRA objection case has made it to the 12th circuit of appeals? I wonder if it’ll stop there with a favorable ruling, or if it’ll have to be vaulted to the SCotUS. Honestly, it just needs a major revision in my opinion with a lot better security to it. I doubt it will though, with the current congress focused on taking away women’s right to decide their own medical stuff. *grumbles about job inequality*

So, have ya’ll had any weird stuff happen on your patrols this week? Post on the mashup category if you’re gonna reply. I know Senet IMed me about being in the thick of class again and wanting to post her origin story to completion before she participated in the mashup, so don’t expect anything from her in that arena yet. Rai’s been avoiding my IMs, and I don’t think Binara will know how to use IMs without whatever human she’s been in contact with’s help. Ah well, I guess we’ll hear from them eventually.

See ya!