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Hello to all that read this nice little story blog I’ve got set up for my characters.  I’m Siwyenbast (Siwy for short), the writer of this little space on the net.  I know I’m new to the fiction blogosphere and so I don’t have many followers yet, but I figured I’d introduce myself.  I’d also like to explain my situation and what it has to do with the blog.

To put it simply, I’m an English-creative writing major in university.  This means that, come January 13th, I won’t have the free time to update the blog as regularly as some of the ideas in my head would like.  As much as I love writing and want to make it into my career, school comes first.  I’m sure all ya’ll understand that, as I know the school schedule I have is going to be hectic for me.

This does not mean, however, that I’m giving up on Confessions.  I means that I must give myself a structure in which to update within during the semester, schoolwork permitting.  Instead of freeform posting like I did with the first post and editing it later to finish it, I’ll attempt to post once a week on one of the characters’ posts or their community interactions (once I get up to that point).  This will probably mean works in progress will be so for longer amounts of time, as I tend to write a lot after the house has quieted down for the night.  Also, if I know for certain that I won’t be able to post that week, I will let you all know with a little blurb or a random Psycat admin post.  There are times, though, that I won’t have the ability to let ya’ll know (say a teacher busted out a paper from nowhere and I have to finish it then and there).  In those times, please be patient, and don’t start poking me about posts until I’m about a month behind.

Now, what happens if I get behind?  Well, that depends on how drained classes have me.  With an honors course on my schedule, it may drain me a lot more than I’d like and of course Confessions will suffer for it.  Once I get the drive and time to do so again, I will get back on track.  This does not mean I will play “catch up” with the blog, as that’s a way bigger way to burn me out on writing than a schedule.  I will simply start posting again as I would normally.

The TL;DR version of the preceding is I am a college student who puts her schoolwork first, occasionally gets depressed and has dry periods like every other writer out there.  I’m putting myself on a schedule for both our sakes, so don’t bother me about a missed post until it’s a month late.  It could be my schoolwork taking up my time.

Now for the format questions that I’m sure some are wondering about.  Obviously I’m writing each character in first person past, journal style format.  What’s not clear yet is the world.  Currently Senet-Ra and Edfu are the third in my character line, behind Psycat and Lapis.  Psycat’s origin novelette has all the world set up currently, and it is going through its second draft phase.  Lapis’ origin story is in its first draft, but with school taking up my time, it will be a little bit before I get around to it again.  Yes, I do intend to go traditional publishing with these two stories and pursue every avenue of it before going self-published.  These origin stories will never appear on Confessions, though they will be hinted at.  They are my entry into the writer’s career field and I do not think that I would sabotage my eventual meal ticket on a blog that shows my writing for free.

That said, I will try to give each character’s perspective on their world as they’re living in it.  They’re here to raise awareness of my writing, my style, and to help me improve my craft as I go along.  They’re also here to give ya’ll a good story to read.  I do appreciate critiques and constructive criticism, but please explain to me why you think a certain thing should’ve gone a different way instead of the way it did, as it will help me see your reasoning.  Also, if you can, try to put more longer/serious critiques in an email to me.  This way, it’ll help to keep the comments from endlessly scrolling for people on slower connections.

See ya!